Swimsuit season will be upon us very soon as many are planning their winter break, spring break, and even summer vacations.  It’s certainly not too early to find out what makes you feel sexy in your own skin.  With that in mind here’s a review for what are the new swimwear trends in 2016 to help you plan for your next adventure.

The New Year certainly has a lot of creativity in store for beach goers, as there are expected to be many options from various retailers, to help you make the most of your summer experience. From string bikinis to full coverage one pieces.  Whatever your suit style is, there is sure to be one for you.  Do you prefer fancy,,sexy, or sophisticated? Do you want simplicity or excitement in your patterns and colors?

Although we have slowly started to see Navajo prints make their appearance in late 2015, they are one of the hottest trends in swimwear for 2016.  Sporting a tribal look will not be hard to find as many retailers are set to showcase this intriguing design.

It is also a great idea if you don’t want to wear a complete printed pattern style is to mix and match pieces.  This includes wearing a top that has the design and a bottom with a base solid.  This combo makes you and the suit pop that much more.

If prints aren’t your thing, color blocking pallets are also very popular.  Color blocks are advanced, edgy, and vibrant for the individual that wants to be different.  The mixtures of colors and styles for 2016 have a vintage twist to them, so be ready to make some important decisions.

Blue Coral Swimwear offers a diverse collection of swimwear, as the styles are eclectic and unique from many other collections.

Mostly geared to the solid color concept, Blue Coral certainly will make a statement at a beach near you.  We may be small, but will be growing as we incorporate the many different fashionable wants from our customers.

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