Blue Coral Swimwear is a company that provides women beautifully designed swimwear that gives you a feeling of empowerment.  Our body-positive mission was recently highlighted by the team at the Empty Hanger.

Hélène Biandudi Hofer met with owner and designer Callista Gifford-DeHart at Clearwater Beach to talk about her process, the thinking behind each suit she creates, and what we hope each Blue Coral Beauty feels when they wear one of our specially made bikinis or one-pieces.

Callista Gifford-DeHart said her mission is to, “create a movement, create an image for women so they can be confident in their own skin, their own bodies, and wearing what they love.”

For Callista, there’s more that goes into a swimsuit than sex appeal.  She believes each of these uniquely designed swimsuits has a different feature (color, cut, pattern) that accentuate a feature of our customers.

Callista’s admits her design inspirations comes from a number of different places.  That includes old movie icons like Marylin Monroe or Audrey Hepburn, more formal dresses, and even alternative culture.

Blue Coral Swimwear firmly believes the key to each one of our bikini tops, bottoms, or one-pieces is the wearer.  We know our styles will set the trend at the beach, but it’s the women who wear our swimsuits that make the biggest difference.

Watch the episode of “Decoding the Dress” now and don’t wait till summer is over to buy one of our amazing bikinis or one-piece swimsuits.

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