Why should I buy a Blue Coral bikini online?

Blue Coral Swimwear understands why a customer may be hesitant on purchasing a women’s swimsuit from us without ever trying it on.

We get it, purchasing a bikini top, bottom or one-piece can be an intimate process.  It’s no different than purchasing a bra or underwear.

Blue Coral Swimwear prides itself on being able to offer the swimsuit choices our customers deserve and be transparent enough to help you along the way.

The simple answer: Blue Coral Swimwear will do whatever it can to make sure you’re happy with your new swimsuit.

How do I know what size to pick?

Blue Coral Swimwear is one of a few retailers that offers true sizing.

This means a medium is truly a medium and not just slightly larger small.

Blue Coral Swimwear’s sizing page has our sizing chart available.

If you’re unsure of your measurements, there is a picture showing how to measure yourself.

What if I’m still unsure of my size?

Email Blue Coral Swimwear with your question here.

Otherwise you can still make your purchase and know we have a return policy if your bikini top, bottom or one-piece doesn’t quite fit.

Blue Coral’s goal is to not only give our customers a fashion forward, comfortable, and stylish bikini or one-piece, but to also provide ease of mind.

But what if it’s just the wrong size?  Or I want a different color?

Some of the same rules would apply from above.

If the sanitary liner is still in place and the swimsuit has not been washed or worn, then you have 30 days to exchange it.

Blue Coral will send a pickup to you to begin the exchange process and get your desired bikini or one-piece swimsuit to you.

Why aren’t you in stores yet?

Blue Coral Swimwear prides itself on being a designer brand featuring sexy, trend-setting, unique, and hand-made bikinis and one-pieces.

Our process takes time and care to ensure you get a long lasting and high-quality women’s swimsuit.

Blue Coral wants to ensure our customers are happy first and foremost.

Secondly, we want to remain small, exclusive, and on the cutting edge of providing supportive and sexy swimsuits to you.

Be original, don’t be another bargain buy.  By buying a Blue Coral bikini we’ll make sure you’ll stand out above everyone else.