Our promise to the Customer

We here at Blue Coral Swimwear, LLC would like to thank everyone who is currently visiting our site and shopping one of our stylish and trendy designer swimsuits.  We’d like to thank you for your business but also describe our commitment to serving you the customer.

Since Blue Coral Swimwear is a small designer company we currently have limited inventory on items. We may not have your size for immediate shipment, but Blue Coral Swimwear promises to do everything we can to get you your gorgeous bikini or one-piece swimsuit to you within 30 days.  Any item not shipped out within that 30-day time frame will be reviewed for possible discounts or concessions.

We want to encourage you to take a chance on our high-quality women’s swimwear.

Do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected] if you have any questions.

Blue Coral Swimwear is dedicated to providing our customers what they deserve, which is a hand-made designer swimsuit that makes you feel beautiful in your own skin.