Dear Customers,
Our launch is finally here! I can’t tell you how excited that I have been to get this website underway. Although our fall collection is smaller than most, I think you will find these designs considerably stylish and elegant.
There are two fashionable styles that are making their appearance in December 2015, which is the Moselle and Oceana.  We are accepting pre-orders on these incredibly fun and trendy styles, so don’t be shy! They make great gifts, and will make great additions to your upcoming cruise or winter vacation.
Also, since we are a small online boutique we will not be carrying a large inventory to start, but will uphold great customer service and quality. Thank you in advance for your patience.
Much Love,
Callista Gifford-DeHart
In honor of our kick off I would like to thank all the numerous individuals who have helped me the past year with Blue Coral. First and foremost my husband Jason who has been extremely supportive with me while I follow my dreams, and worked so hard building this site the way I dreamed it, Elena Krivitz for her undying hard work and dedication to the BC brand, my mom and dad for their never ending love and support (I don’t know how I will could ever repay you), Andrew Baker for designing my amazing logo, Jordy Marin for doing a fantastic job on the photoshoot, Allison Worley for styling our beautiful models and being such a supportive friend, Models Jessica, Rosa and Yusi for being the first faces of BC, my dear friends Doris, Beth and Jenn for their support and input. There are so many others I could mention, so please forgive me if you don’t see your name on here. Thank you all because I would not be here without you.