Swimsuit Alert: Nina Giudice joins Blue Coral Swimwear

////Swimsuit Alert: Nina Giudice joins Blue Coral Swimwear

Swimsuit Alert: Nina Giudice joins Blue Coral Swimwear

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We would like to introduce our 2017 swimsuit brand ambassador and featured model Nina Giudice. Nina started modeling Blue Coral’s bikinis and one-pieces this past summer, and we are so excited to have her represent us!

Nina is originally from Webster, New York and is such a positive individual that is both eclectic and creative when it comes to fashion.

Modeling is certainly a passion for Nina, as well as spreading the message of self-confidence and women empowerment. With that said, she fits in perfectly with the Blue Coral brand.


How long have you been modeling?

I have been modeling for 4 + years.


Who inspired you to become a model?

My model icon(s) root from my childhood, seeing Marilyn Monroe for the first time, wanting to know everything about her and learning her life made her career that much more interesting. Later on, another model icon of mine from Victoria’s Secret caught my eye; Candace Swanepoel walking down the runway really made an impact on my modeling career. I think Candace and Marilyn are extremely down to earth, intelligent, strong women who are beyond beautiful inside and out. Not only does Candace care for her modeling career, but she is 100% involved in our Earth, and its well-being.


What words describe Nina the person?

The top words that describe me as a person are extrovert, dedicated, driven, open minded, and fun.


What have you enjoyed most working with Blue Coral?

Working with Swim Blue Coral, in the beginning, was definitely intimidating, and I will not lie. It is not easy for any girl/woman or model, to put a suit on, and pose publicly for the world to see. After understanding what the true meaning of the swimwear line means, the thought of it made me ecstatic. The brand name wants women to feel true to their selves, be you, you only have one body so work it! Considering we do not photo-shop any of the photos, makes it even that much better. The thought of other popular brands and the way they edit their photos is not surprising at all, but Swim Blue Coral will not do that, because they simply encourage you to be who you really are.


What made you want to become a Blue Coral ambassador?

I wanted to be a Brand Ambassador so I can show women how to love yourself just the way you are, and if anyone ever tells you differently, that’s their problem and their insecurity. I want women to stand tall, be confident, and love your body that you were born with because you only have one!


What are you most looking forward to with being a Blue Coral Swimwear brand ambassador?

I look forward to all of the new work and shoots being an ambassador for Blue Coral Swimwear. New ways I can come up with to show diversity in the line, and to model the bikinis of course!!


How would you describe your fashion sense?

I would describe my fashion sense by my own style. Yes, of course I love it when the designers I work and model for style me, but they all know who I am, and how my clothing style represents my personality.


What aspect of Blue Coral’s swimsuits do you like the most?

The one aspect I like the most from a Blue Coral swimsuit would have to be the range of different styles. Not all women like the same thing! Everyone has different taste and sense of style, which Blue Coral Swimwear provides.


Any final thoughts or comments?

My final thoughts are that I cannot wait to be the newest main model and brand ambassador for Blue Coral Swimwear, I am so happy I was chosen to represent such a beautiful swimwear line, inside and out!

You can follow Nina and her story on her Instagram @ninagiudice, Facebook @modelninagiudice, and Twitter @Ninagiudice where she will have various promo offers, and news from Blue Coral!


Photos by: Douglas Everling Photography – Rochester, NY